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Sustainability is complex. Waste, water, carbon, energy, people, GRI, LCA. When you add it all together it can be a big challenge for your business.

A big challenge now has a big answer: Sumo.

Sumo has been developed by nghenvironmental, one of Australia's oldest specialist environmental consultancies. Over the years we have prepared numerous enviromental management systems for clients in Government and the private sector, as well as assisting with management of specific environmental aspects including waste, water and energy and emissions monitoring and reporting.

From this experience we have developed the Sumo system, which stands for Sustainability Management and Operations system. It is a tool to facilitate environmental management and ISO 14001 compliance. We have been using the database framework we use for Sumo for many years in our own business systems. Now we are offering it to you, to help you get organised and effectively manage your environmental aspects.

Sumo incorporates all the elements of an EMS, starting with ISO 14001. Then, uniquely, Sumo also helps you manage other matters, such as current legal compliance requirements, community impact, product stewardship, staff participation, as well as the latest in sustainability management, such as carbon accounting and GRI.

All of this means your organisation can start to focus on managing your impact rather than simply getting certified.

Sumo is simple, streamlined and modular:

  • It can be as big or small as you like. Simply plug in the parts you need (for example, EMS, water, waste or energy) and leave the parts you donít.
  • Because Sumo can be web based or hosted on your intranet, your whole team can access it anytime, from anywhere thereís a web connection.
  • Most of all, Sumo makes it simple to take your staff, clients and suppliers on the sustainability journey, so everyone understands the issues involved and the role they have to play.